The world is presently witnessing a paradigm shift powered by blockchain, and one start-up that has consistently shown us that blockchain can completely revolutionize our day to day lives is Pundi X. In early 2018, Pundi X launched a blockchain version of the traditional POS system called XPOS. In addition, it introduced a crypto debit card dubbed Pundi XPASS.  Pundi X specially designed these tools to ease and promote crypto payment methods.

However, Pundi X has more in store, this time they are interested in disrupting the status quo in the telecommunication industry. As such, the start-up announced and publicly demonstrated their new product dubbed XPhone on the second day of the XBlockchain summit in Indonesia. XPhone is the first mobile phone powered solely by blockchain technology. As such, XPhone does not depend on centralized service providers, instead it runs on a blockchain network the team dubbed Function X.

Pundi X team claimed that the Function X blockchain is the solution to many issues plaguing existing traditional centralized mobile service providers. In addition, the team revealed that the blockchain will be an upgrade to existing blockchain networks. According to PundiX CTO and cofounder Pitt Huang, Function X will resolve blockchain scalability issues, as well as, “publish DApps and achieve true decentralization.”

Xphone Makes First Phone Call

During the presentation, the team used XPhone to make the world’s first phone call powered by blockchain. As such, we can say that blockchain has truly transitioned from the technology underpinning cryptocurrency to a full-blown revolutionary tool.

Further, Pundi X medium post revealed that Function X is not just a mere blockchain, instead it is an ecosystem that encompasses the following:

  • Function X OS
  • Function X Blockchain
  • Function X IPFS
  • FXTP Protocol
  • Function X Docker

Each mechanism is key to the smooth running of the Function X ecosystem. In particular, Function X OS was built based on the Android OS 9.0. As such developers that are interested in publishing Dapps for the Function X OS can easily utilize their knowledge of android protocols. In addition, every XPhone will be the node of the Function X network, as such, each will be assigned an address and a private key.

Function X will allow its users to communicate and send data directly by cutting out middlemen. This is the fundamental functionality of the blockchain and users can access these by entering a set of protocols. Pitt explained this by stating:

”And if my friends would like to contact me, they can call, text or email my XPhone by entering ‘call.pitt’, ‘message.pitt’, or ‘mail.pitt’.”

In addition, Pitt stated that phone manufacturers are now allowed to test the XPhone OS.