Cryptocurrencies are fiat alternatives—at least on paper. It might be a few years before most of the over seven billion people in the world understand how crypto works, using them in their daily operations to settle bills. Still, that isn’t to say there haven’t been small wins. 

Presently, there are solutions for promoting cryptocurrencies, especially for turning adamant holders into spenders. 

The situation has been made rugged with all the evangelism against spending. 

If this is to be successful, spending devices should be made widespread, helping turning cryptocurrencies into money–beyond their use as a store-of-value.

pundi x

Introducing Pundi X and XPOS

Pundi X is a big part of this drive. They present a blockchain-based platform where people can readily spend their cryptocurrencies, paying for goods and services.

At the center of their promotion is the XPOS, a point-of-sale device. 

XPOS allows ordinary crypto holders to pay for goods and services using Pundi X’s token NPXS and other supported cryptocurrencies. 

To further simplify things for crypto holders, Pundi X has the XPASS (which looks like an ordinary credit/debit card). With it, all a client does is swap, and that’s it! Payment is instantaneous.

Outside of payment support, the XPOS can be used to swap cryptocurrencies, manage a client’s stocks, reward customers, and much more. If anything, the XPOS performs what a traditional POS could do and more.

Adoption Drive and Future Plans

To jumpstart adoption, Pundi X distributed over 5,000 XPOS devices in several countries, including Brazil and the United Kingdom. 

In 2021, Pundi X set up online shops. It also expanded the XPOS to several eCommerce platforms, including NewEgg Business and Amazon in Japan. XPOS also supports PayPal. 

Besides, they are working on their native blockchain called F(x) for android developers to build dApps and launch on the platform. 

Also—and it’s only natural, Pundi X plans to support even more cryptocurrencies.

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