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Cryptocurrency Storage and Security 

Investing in cryptocurrency requires you to understand the ins and outs of storing and securing your coins.  Cryptocurrencies operate in such a way that they validate all transactions based on tamper-resistant on a public blockchain. However, further security measures do need to be taken place in order to secure your crypto.

If you’re looking for a way to store and secure your cryptocurrency, the most popular method is offline cold storage . This can be done by storing it locally using your computer/desktop and mobile phone/smartphone to and offline ledger or hardwallet. Many crypto investors consider offline hard wallets to be safe and secure place store their invesments. The majority of hardware wallets actually have an appearance similar to a USB drive, which can be connect to a computer or smartphone. Currently the two most popular hardwallets on the market are:  

Ledger nano s

ledger nano s



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trezor wallet



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Trezor cold storage


Both of these wallets are secure, portable and small which makes them effortless to carry around and they are offered at a reasonably price.